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Located in Papanui, Christchurch - WesleyCare provides expert care to older people needing to transition from living in their own home to a more comprehensive support environment - from rest home to hospital level care, respite to palliative care. The facility is very well established having operated from the site since the 1960’s occupying a distinctive 4 story building. Although this building survived the Christchurch earthquakes, the decision was made build a new state of the art facility due to the dated design.  Hostservice worked closely with the Methodist Mission in conjunction with Foley architecture to design a spacious commercial kitchen to cater for 130 residents from two dining rooms.

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Client: Wesleycare Hospital


Location: 91 Harewood Road Papnui


Date: June 2015


Services Provided: Kitchen design, supply and installation of kitchen appliances, fixings and fittings including project management







Hostservice was required to design, manufacture and supply a specially designed extract canopy to fit under a low ceiling height, as well as comply with the NZ ventilation standards.


We also coordinated the change over from the old kitchen to the new including the transfer of existing appliances.  This meant close coordination with the kitchen staff and meal times etc.


Our goal was to make the project as simple as possible for the team at WesleyCare - we cared for all the detail, and the project was completed within budget, on time, and without hassles.  


Thanks for being such a great team to work with!











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WesleyCare Hospital Commercial Kitchen - Lincat Range, Houno Commercial Ovens, Extract Canopy